totally self-gratuitous video gaming post
loss of innocence
i'm thinking about i've definetely decided i'm buying a PS3 lite. my ex-roommate got me hooked: it's got online connectivity, a blu-ray player, wireless remotes, amazing graphics, a huge hard drive and it allows you to insert usb sticks to watch movies or whatever. games for the PS3 always look better compared to the XBOX 360 or Wii, and those guitar hero guitar controllers are WAY cheaper for the PS3 than they are for the other consoles.

also, in December, PS3 will be releasing DC universe online. this is the one game i cannot NOT have.

i'm sorry i've made fun of anyone who'se ever played had to join an addiction recovery program for World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG, i never knew they would create something like this. that being said, i'm a sucker for any video game involving Marvel or DC characters. i went to the videotron to inquire about used PS3 and, while browsing the Nintendo isle, discovered two new kick-ass games i was not aware even existed: Batman, Brave and the Bold and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. i plan on getting well-aquainted with these games between now and Christmas. other wii games on my hitlist: Metroid: other M and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (currently playing). I am really eager for DJ Hero 2 and will probably try for the PS3 version since Nintendo can't really seem to do anything right unless they own the rights to the characters (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc...).

thank you for reading my self-gratuitous video gaming post. and remember...

ode to my ponys
loss of innocence
of all of the items in my massive wardrobe, i always find my shoes the toughest things to part with. i give no second thought to giving away/throwing out a pair of pants or shirt that doesn't fit me anymore or is out of style, but shoes/sneakers... well i don't know...i have a really hard time with those.

i think it has to do with the fact that shoes are pretty important for a guy. we only tend to have one or two pairs of sneakers and maybe a pair or two of dress shoes, so we have to make sure the shoes we do select are as versatile as fuck. they essentially have to be the perfect pair of sneakers - matching just about every combination of pants and shirt i can throw at them. also, you tend to have favorites. like every parent who claims they love their children equally, there is always that one pair of sneakers/runners that you prefer over the others mainly because of comfort issues and somebody complimented you on them once. also because of value, (i added this separately because it doesn't fit with the 'favorite child' analogy), if i buy a pair of cool shoes that i knew were a bargain i feel like i am somehow cheating the system which adds to my overall wearer satisfaction.

when i think about it, my obsession on wearing the 'right shoe' probably originates from elementary school. Harris, the only ethnic kid on my block (therefore making him cool by default), who also played basketball, was a fast runner and was 2 years older than us (can you see the influence he held over us?) once started talking about the pair of Nike Air Force Ones for his birthday, and i remember my grade 4 self thinking "what the hell are those?" and "who the fuck would want a pair of shoes for their birthday? why not ask for transformers or something?". but since Harris was a few years older and was therefore in a world we aspired to enter yet were terrified of, we deduced that Nike were something important bigger kids valued. Nike should have paid him to be a marketing agent.

in high school, the emphasis on shoes became more obvious. the type and brand of shoe you wore determined what social clique you would be a part of: Jock/Athletic (Nike, Adidas, Umbro), Skater (Vans, Airwalk), Rapper (Fila, Puma), poor/not with 'it' (Venture, brands nobody has ever heard of). in essence, it's pretty shitty that people labeled you by your apparel and not by your personality, which helps me realize that i came from a very shallow/materialistic high school. my family was middle/lower class but had different values than most other families in my high school. we were hardcore Catholics, we did okay financially but put more money on paying for instruments/family outings/after school activities. needless to say, all of my clothes came from Giant Tiger (think Byway for Canadians) so you can imagine that i had a pretty rough time fitting in at high school.

all this to say, this is why i have trouble throwing away shoes after i've worn them out.

*PONY's were the first nice pair of shoes i bought at Winners (think TJ Maxx for Canadians), they lasted me about 2 years and taught me you don't have to pay $90+ for a cool pair of shoes. (i got them for $40). PONY site

*also, i have a pair of white canvas low-tops and they are a real bitch to clean. i am never buying white canvas shoes again.

loss of innocence

my favorite cop movies (in no particular order)
loss of innocence
Narc (2002)
Bad Lieutenant : Port of Call New Orleans (2009)
Bullitt (1968)
The Departed (2006)
Serpico (1973)
Clockers (1995)
Training Day (2001)
Mystic River (2003)

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kind of a late bloomer
loss of innocence
Hey LJ, i just discovered hair spray.

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loss of innocence
so i went to Neon today to do some spring clothes shopping. Neon is kind of like Hot Topic or Urban Outfitters but is independently owned, so the service is kind of bipolar - either it is extreme & in-your-face (like a flock of them are hanging around you) or else everyone is hiding on the floor somewhere being super-hungover.

moving on...

i was looking around the store and everything is just kind of scattered everywhere. lately i've had my eye on hip cowboy shirts and this one shirt caught my eye. so i grabbed an S and an M off the rack and went to try it on. one of the six people working the floor (who were all huddled around the cash) led me to the change room. the damned things didn't fit. they were too loose and too tight in all the wrong places. weird. a different person working the floor asked me if i need a hand. "yeah, can i try a large?" guy comes back 10 seconds later with a large. still doesn't fit. i'm a little annoyed but whatever. as he's putting the shirts back on the rack i notice a dress hanging beside the shirts.

"were those girls' shirts i was trying on?" i asked.

"yeah, totally." he replied.

i just kind of stood there stupidly.

"and none of the 6 of you bothered to tell me 'hey man, you know that's a girl's shirt right?' it would've been nice to know" i was trying to make a joke of it but i was a little pissed, truthfully.

"well we thought you knew, it's no big deal. guys come in here all the time and try on and buy girl's clothing. it's no big thing. also, some people get really offended when you point out that they are trying on girl's clothing and there all like 'yeah, i know... " some short brunette with a monroe peircing said.

in my mind's eye i imagined 6 hipsters gathered around a cash snickering while some poor sap was trying on women's clothing in the change room. in my defense, it didn't look very feminine.

to my saving grace, this guy i kinda know named Joe came to my rescue assuring me that it was no big deal and pointed out some men's long sleeved cowboys' shirts on a different rack. (none of them fit). the monroe peircing brunette made some crack about her friend crystal owning that shirt but by this point i didn't really acknowledge her.

bottom line: Joe is awesome.  

bottomer line: hey retailers, if i am trying on chick's clothing let me know, fuck. yeah, i might be a little embarrassed at first, but if you are cool about it and make no big deal about it, then i will value your frankness and honesty and shop more again in the future. if you were hooking up with a chick but unbeknownst to you she had a penis the whole time, i'd find some discreet way to warn you. women's bodies and men's bodies are shaped differently, so the clothing tends to be curvier in some places. also, if you are a dude who wears women's jeans then more power to you, i am not hating on you. this is more of a rant about bad customer service rather than cross-dressing.

random information dump
loss of innocence
looking over my list of LJ friends i notice that half of you i only know in real-life and the rest are from the world of LJ. seeing as how i don't update much i decided to give you a random information dump so you can get a better idea of what you are dealing with.


My favorite instrument to listen to is the Hammond organ or Combo organ. (I know that is getting pretty specific.) It was used in a lot of older rock n' roll songs from the 60's and 70's such as "the rain, the park and other things", "in a gadda-da-vida", "house of the rising sun" and even "tie a yellow ribbon around the ole oak tree". They are still used every now and again by indie bands who are vying for that oh-so nostalgic vintage sound. I'm pretty certain that if you play a rock song for me and there's an organ somehow integrated into the song then i'm going to like it. I hope to learn to play and own one of my own someday.

An instrument i absolutely cannot stand is the violin (unless it is classical music). If i am listening to rock music and i hear a violin or i see a group photo of the band and someone is wielding a violin i immediately reel away in disgust. So yeah, i am not a big fan of the Dave Matthews band. my hate for violin music stems from the fact that i grew up in a household where i was subjected to shrill sound of violins playing (my dad is a musician) and often remember competing with the violin for my dad's attention. Ironically, the only violin music i will tolerate is when my dad is playing, but that is only out of respect for my dad.

  • I like soul and funk, but i don't like R&B.
  • I really like "Pretty" Purdie. (drums)
  • I am a big fan of synths if they are done well (ladytron)
  • I love going to live shows. I'm not so big on the outdoor concerts, tho. They don't have the same sound acoustics.
  • I came from a super Christian household when i grew up, and the only things i was allowed to listen to was the AM oldies station and Weird Al Yankovic
  • I'm really into 80's hair metal and assorted 80's rock (probably as a direct result of the previous comment)
  • I went through a massive Hip-Hop phase back in 1996-1997 (final years of high school). I used to cut out photos of rappers from Word-Up magazine and tape them to my bedroom wall. This is why i am well versed in Wu-Tang. I kinda left hip-hop around the time Puff Daddy started his family of rappers (Mase, Lil' Kim, etc)
  • I have a lot of trouble with Top 40 music. Somehow Lady Gaga slid through, but Akon never did anything for me.
  • I like Sonic Youth for what they represent (creator owned music, always switching it up, trying new things), not so much how they sound (although some songs are fucking phenomonal)
  • I'm a big Bran Van 3000 fan.
  • I'm not too crazy about this new electro craze. Some of it is really enjoyable (Crystal Castles, Peaches) but some of it (particularly the instrumental stuff *cough*cough* MSTRKRFT) sounds like the rave scene is having a reboot. SO basically i like my electro music with vocals and some originality.
  • I buy cheap LPs just "for the fuck of it". why not? they only cost me a dollar. and besides, i might discover something new that i really like.
  • I don't like folk music (Bob Dylan exempted)
  • I don't like listening to some emo guy or girl playing acoustic guitar and crying their eyes out. not my idea of a good time. actually, the only situations when you should whip out an acoustic guitar is when you are sitting around a campfire or you are trying to serenade someone. if i come to see your show and you are playing an acoustic guitar throughout your set and i haven't left after the first song then i must like you a lot.
  • Between the Beatles and Rolling Stones, i choose the Beach Boys. i just love the way they harmonize.

this was a very 'me-centric' post. and i still have a ton more i could say about music likes and dislikes. this is enough for tonight. on to another groovy topic next time.

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loss of innocence
all i want in life right now is a flaked tuna sandwich that is heavy on the mayo... on some 12 grain bread. yum.

things are going great
loss of innocence
-my health is good and i am getting plenty of excercise and eating right
-Silas is moving out this month and Rachel is moving in <3
-i've reconnected with a lot of Ottawa friends i hadn't seen in a little while and now have plenty of events to attend on weekend and weeknights
-work is busy and keeping my challenged
-basement artists is going strong and has dumped all of it's "problem members", leaving me and a few other guys running the show
-i'm in love (Rachel)
-the weather is beautiful
-the camaro is back on the road
-my parents are both doing relatively well and i see them often

ALSO i went bargain-bin LP shopping on saturday. i found these gems:

i've been having AMAZING luck at bargain bin LP shopping lately. recently Rachel found these for me:

i say "found for me" because Rachel could never appreciate the pure awesomeness that is Franki Valli.


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