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fit of nostalgia
loss of innocence
i was going through a bin of old PC games (circa early 90's) and discovered the most epic, nay, amazing thing i have ever learned. they made a point-and-click adventure computer game of the best movie ever. the best movie ever is Batman Returns. (well, the best movie in the Batman franchise, anyways. i personally think the best movie is the Departed or something else by Scorcese).

for anyone who wants to argue it out, the best Batman movie is Batman Returns. the second best Batman movie is the one where Jack Nicholson is the Joker. we won't count the next 2 batman films that came after that, because Burton was no longer directing. the Batman reboots are really good, but way too fucking long and too involved with portraying Bruce Wayne as a person. as kids we just wanted a) to see Batman fuck people up and b) to see cool villains being dastardly. and strangely enough, as an adult i still want those two things and Batman Returns had both. Batman Returns also had Michelle Pfeiffer as the Catwoman (which i'm sure somehow directly influenced some lifelong PVC/latex fetishes), Danny Devito making an otherwise c-list villain actually look menacing, a Burtonesque gothic-inspired Gotham city, and Christopher Walken. (i purposely left Walken last because he's not much of a selling point to me)

the game looks like this:

...and runs reeeeaaaalllllllly slowly on my computer. which is too bad since i'm dying to play a full run-through.

another game that has been wasting my time is Leisure Suit Larry: Land of the Lounge Lizards. and not the VGA mouse point-and-click version, for true authenticity it has to be the version where you type in all of the commands ("OPEN DOOR", "TALK TO MAN", "TAKE DRINK", etc...). as an added bonus, it's got 8-bit graphics that were all the rage in the late 80's.

i love this game. it's so crass. it totally takes me back to my youth and is actually quite challenging. it can be a true co-op multiplayer game as you get all of your friends in the room yelling suggestions at you on how to solve the current challenge.

and finally, the game that started my whole adventure point-and-click obsessive compulsion disorder: Maniac Mansion

the beauty of this game is that there are about 5 different ways you can complete it depending on which character combinations you choose. why don't they make awesome games like this anymore?

bring back the point-and-click adventure game!

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BAH! i love games where you have to type in what you want the character to do.
I ALSO LOVE games that have are played out differently depending on the character you choose.
I remember this game I used to love to play, where your skills differed (and concequentially how you played the game) depending on whether you were 1 of the 4 characters (wizard, thief,knight, and... i cant remember the other one).. Best game ever.

when you come over this week you can help Rachel and i solve another point-and-click adventure game.

I managed to not see your response to my last comment in your prior post until just now (there has to be a more succinct way to word that...), but yes, I am a gamer. Were I to claim to a level of gamer (from "button masher" to "lives on cheetos and WoW") I'd have to put myself somewhere in the middle. My fiance is a crazy gamer, and it has had an influence on me over the years.

Actually, I had always played (nintendo hand-held mostly), but didn't consider myself a "gamer" until I beat Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced (for the gameboy, yeah yeah!), and realized that I had spent over 90 hours trying to beat a game I didn't even like! It's been a downward spiral ever since... ;)

...but my gamer points take a severe hit when I play Paul (fiance) and his friends on things like Super Smash Bros. Brawl (or Melee if we're feelin' old school). Then I realize I'm a total noob...

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