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fun night
loss of innocence
Samy came over and we played nintendo wii until the wee hours of the morning. specifically, we started off with some New Super Mario Bros, followed by some wii ware bomberman blast, and then we spent the next 6 hours playing this little gem:

Swords and Soldiers (wiiware)

it was a throwback to the old 'command and conquer: red alert' and 'warcraft 2' computer games my classmates used to play in junior high. except now it's a side-scroller, and way more intense. and still really challenging.

a lot of people say that the nintendo wii is a really lousy gaming system. and, after getting to borrow a PS3 for nearly a year, i'd have to agree with them. however, it's the only system i currently own and i don't play video games enough to justify spending $300+ on a new system. so i get by.

the only reason anyone (i.e. me) would own a wii is to have access to games exclusively owned by the nintendo franchise. this includes but is not limited to: Mario bros, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, and well... i suppose Pokemon. i'm sure there are a lot more, but they are not worth mentioning.

'Mario bros' is such a bro-centric name for a game. i wonder if any frathouse jocks have picked up on this and used it excessively in conversation, completely emphasizing on the 'bro' aspect. "What up, bro? do you feel like playing some mario bro's, bro?" i wonder how many times these guys can use the word 'bro' in a sentence without wanting to punch each other in the face from irritation? when i was in middle school i was taught to never use the same word twice in a sentence, and it stills bothers me to this day when i hear other people do it. for the same reason (because that's how i was taught), i also read out the longer version of the word when i see it abbreviated. i always called it Super Mario Brothers.

i think my brain is starting to rot. i really need to start reading good literature again and not spending so much time watching TV (Lost, Always sunny in Philidelphia, Modern Family, etc...). my vocabulary is starting to shrink (it feels like i can never find the right series of words to express myself) or my sentence structure doesn't seem to flow togethor eloquently anymore.


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