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totally self-gratuitous video gaming post
loss of innocence
i'm thinking about i've definetely decided i'm buying a PS3 lite. my ex-roommate got me hooked: it's got online connectivity, a blu-ray player, wireless remotes, amazing graphics, a huge hard drive and it allows you to insert usb sticks to watch movies or whatever. games for the PS3 always look better compared to the XBOX 360 or Wii, and those guitar hero guitar controllers are WAY cheaper for the PS3 than they are for the other consoles.

also, in December, PS3 will be releasing DC universe online. this is the one game i cannot NOT have.

i'm sorry i've made fun of anyone who'se ever played had to join an addiction recovery program for World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG, i never knew they would create something like this. that being said, i'm a sucker for any video game involving Marvel or DC characters. i went to the videotron to inquire about used PS3 and, while browsing the Nintendo isle, discovered two new kick-ass games i was not aware even existed: Batman, Brave and the Bold and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. i plan on getting well-aquainted with these games between now and Christmas. other wii games on my hitlist: Metroid: other M and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (currently playing). I am really eager for DJ Hero 2 and will probably try for the PS3 version since Nintendo can't really seem to do anything right unless they own the rights to the characters (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc...).

thank you for reading my self-gratuitous video gaming post. and remember...

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Stupid Sony and their exclusivity on DC Universe! I really want to play that, or at least have the option to play it. I enjoyed City of Heroes, an MMORPG for PC with a "make your own hero" kind of setup. However I played with my roommate's account and I never got into WoW (although he did, a lot).

Xbox will let you plug in a USB drive to play media, as will most new TVs these days. Xbox upscales DVDs to 1080i with an HDMI cable, so it's not a huge difference from 1080p although Blu-Ray does make a big difference. Unfortunately I don't think Sony will let anyone else use Blu-Ray drives in a console. Xbox Live is actually very awesome compared to what PS3 offers, but you have to pay a fee for it.

City of Heroes did catch my attention when it came out a few(?) years ago, but i've always been a bit weary of 'computer' games - it's not my console of choice as it seems that if you want to stay current with the games in the market you have to constantly keep upgrading your hardware.

back in the day i recall not being able to play anything better than Wolfenstein 3D because i was running a 386, or didn't have 4 megs of RAM or something to that effect. it's only when we finally upgraded to a pentium was i able to play Duke Nukum 3D online with friends. it didn't last long because eventually something else which was all the rage came out and required a Pentium 2 to run...

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